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Placing Second Part Deux

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Over a year later the details of why I started the previous post are fuzzy. What i do remember was that the rest of the nigh being short stacked I picked good positions to shove in and made the final table. At the final table I got hot, really hot and ended up heads up. […]

Placing Second

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Placed second out of a field of 35, I should feel pretty good about that right? I don’t. Here’s why: I was up and down all night mostly down. I won a a few hands early playing pretty solid but didn’t manage to keep many chips over the starting amount we got. Right before the […]

Swings Part Deux

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Mon night we played again at one of our favorite places, Jay’s Family Diner on North Washington at 78th. The food is really good and we get a good crowd, some pretty good players as well. I had the Chicken Cordon Blue (sp?)and it is excellent! I’ve been opting out of the soda for Tea […]


Monday, January 8th, 2007

It is interesting to me how much my game can swing from bad to good from week to week. In a tournament especially in the bar leagues, one mistake can really cost you the tourney. Most of the games we play in are pretty small, maybe 16-30 people sometimes less, just depends on the night. […]

Free Live Poker

Monday, June 26th, 2006

We used to play alot of free poker in bar leagues and at one point was playing in three different leagues. The main point of playing is to accumulate points to make it into a monthly or bi-monthly tournament. These tournaments are where the real prizes, some time cash or trips are. You are also […]

Okay now you've gone too far!

Monday, June 19th, 2006

An article over at talks about Washington State Extending Poker Ban to Writing about Poker. Read the Article here: Cardsquad What? Oh please! I can see, and hope, that this one gets dragged into court on free speach grounds. I’m just sooo very glad I don’t live in Washington state …

I'll get you next time

Monday, June 19th, 2006

I played inthe blogger tournament on PokerStars on Sun and had a good time. I didn’t do nearly as well as I should have. I was dissapoined in my finish (1660 of 2245) I got unlucky and ran into a couple of hands just better than mine and lost alot of chips. The last hand […]

Followup: Save Online Poker

Friday, June 16th, 2006

Dear PPA Member: The federal effort to ban online gambling has cleared another hurdle and within the next 10 days the House of Representatives will be voting on H.R. 4777, The Internet Gaming Prohibition Act. It is essential that your member of Congress know that you oppose this legislation. We have posted an updated letter […]

Save Online Poker!

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Post of an email I got today. I encourage all of you to help support this effort: You are not alone in your enjoyment of the great game of poker. More than 70 million Americans play poker and roughly 23 million play the game online. Indeed, poker is an American tradition and a true game […]

Poker Anyone ?

Friday, June 9th, 2006

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers. Registration code: 4941382

Celebrity Poker

Friday, June 9th, 2006

Ok so it wasn’t the trainwreck I expected. When I found out that Phil Gordon was being replaced by Phil Helmuth I cringed. I figured I could have 2hrs (1.5 with dvr) back each week if it was as bad as I expected. It wasn’t. Since they are in a very different location and the […]