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Zoe’s Tale – Last Colony from Zoe’s POV

Great as a standalone and fits well in the Old Man’s War universe.The story is from the standpoint of Zoe, the adopted daughter of the main characters from Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades. Most of the story takes place in the same time line as “The Last Colony”, Hugo nominated and runner up in 2008. You would think if having read TLC that you knew the story, not so.

Yes many of the names, places and faces are the same this is Zoe’s Story and give her unique perspective on the events.

If you have wanted more of Zoe after reading TLC, here it is, and is a great effort from Scalzi, not having been a teen age girl, (As far as I know and him publicly stating that fact) does a great job of capturing the character.

Plenty of action and humor to go around. Highly recommended. Does Scalzi have another Hugo nominee in Zoe’s Tale?

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