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KOP Review – Great First Novel

KOP, Koba Office of Police, is a wonderful first effort from newcomer Warren Hammond.
This Scifi Detective Noir novel is dark and gritty just the way we like it. Juno Mozambe is a dirty cop, and he is one of the good (?) guys. Lagarto was once a flourishing planet with a Brandy made from an indigenous plant that was in high demand. That is until someone got a hold of that plant and put them out of business.
Now Lagarto is a dirt poor cesspool of a planet and Koba, the planets largest city, is crumbling around them. Juno is an aging, ailing cop going through the motions when he is asked by his Chief and long time partner to do him the favor of looking into a homicide. He is partnered with an idealistic newcomer on her first big case and with dreams of cleaning up the city. Juno prefers to work alone.
Juno does whatever is necessary to get the job done. He is a hothead and at time brutal but that is Lagarto, brutal, desperate and filled with Lizards. Lizards, lizards everywhere.
Overall a great novel filled with action, suspense, anti hero, and well … lizards.

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