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Review: Wicked Game

Recovering con artist Ciara Griffin is trying to live the straight life, even if it means finding a (shudder!) real job. She takes an internship at a local radio station, whose late-night time-warp format features 1940s blues, ’60s psychedelia, ’80s goth, and more, all with an uncannily authentic flair. Ciara soon discovers just how the DJs maintain their cred: they’re vampires, stuck forever in the eras in which they were turned.

The station and the lives of the DJs are threatened by a giant media conglomerate that wants to turn the station into another top 40 clone, which we have way too many of anyway. To boost ratings and save the lives of her strange new friends, Ciara re-brands the station as “WVMP, the Lifeblood of Rock ’n’ Roll.”, disguising the bloody truth as just a marketing gimmick.

Wicked game is an intriguing story with some great and complex characters. Ciara is strong, capable, and conflicted. Her first instinct is to get what she can and bail as she has been raised to do but she wants to change and help her new friends, especially Grunge DJ Shane. If she truly wants to make a break with her past and do right by them her plan has to work, quickly, and without anyone getting hurt or killed in the process.

Wicked Game has some takes on the Vampire genre that I really liked and hadn’t seen before but based on established Vampire lore. For me it was a good mix of suspense, humor, the paranormal and a definite page turning good time.

The tagline on the cover ‘Blood, Sex and Rock n Roll’ hooked me right away. Complete with a playlist, chapter titles of popular songs and a WVMP radio site with DJ playlists it really lives up to its billing. The first chapter is up on the author’s website and after reading it I new I had to read this one, I wasn’t disappointed. After you finish there are two additional ‘how they were turned’ stories on the website which are also excellent. In the marketing spirit of the main character there is a website for WVMP where you can listen to playlists for the different DJs and pick up WVMP merchandise. I found myself listening as I read the book and as I did this review. Have Fun!

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